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[tools-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Jacek Pospychala

tools PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
Jacek Pospychala's Committer status on the tools.pdt project. As a PMC
member, you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My Foundation
portal page:

Jacek Pospychala was nominated by Roy Ganor as follows:
I would like to nominate Jacek P. for a PDT committer. Jacek had a great
contribution for the release of Eclipse PDT Helios. He  actually managed
the move to Athena / Eclipse builds, and he contributed some major
usability and quality enhancements that make Eclipse PDT Helios a success. 

A partial list of issues that Jacek directly contributed is:

254717	Using ${interpreter} in a template fails
259956	(Code Templates) Insert Variables dialog not implemented
291447	Adapt PDT to Athena Common Build Infrastructure
295333	PHP file outline blinks on selection change
295333	PHP file outline blinks on selection change
301244	ClassCastException for define() with non-scalar argument
303913	Support for PHP Manual in Eclipse Help system
306347	Code Formatter breaks any non English scripts
306362	Code Formatting doesn't work on folders and entire projects
306813	Syntax highlighting not recovered after removing invalid backslash
306834	can't set breakpoint when debugging remotely ZendDebug target on
Windows from ZendStudio on Linux
307058	Hyperlinks in include statements should cover only filename, not
surrounding quotes or whitespaces
310090	Adapt to DLTK API change
CompletionProposal.setParameterNames(char[][]) to String[]
310627	All SemanticHighlightingTests pdtt tests are failing
312560	Multiple PDT versions in Helios
314493	Improve phpdoc look in content assist
314499	Don't show file location in phpdoc

Vote summary: 4/0/0 with 9 not voting 
   ?  Nick Boldt
   ?  Nir Cohen
  +1  Roy Ganor
   ?  Shalom Gibly
  +1  Gadi Goldbarg
   ?  Guy Gurfinkel
   ?  David Kelsey
   ?  Alon Peled
   ?  Vadim Punski
   ?  Michael Spector
   ?  Keren Stern
  +1  Q.S. Wang
  +1  Zhao Zhongwei

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