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Re: [tools-pmc] Object Teams proposal


To conclude concerns I raised else where in this thread, I did get a brief 
note from Andy Clement (Project Lead of AspectJ) and while he's too busy 
to give an in depth review right now, he didn't see any fundamental 
disconnects with the proposal or proposed project structure. They are 
separate enough to be separate projects, even if there are eventually 
areas of collaboration. I'll look forward to learning more about both 
these technologies in the future. 

As for the proposal, I think it is very well written and very well 

Here are some recommendations that I think would improve the proposal. 
Feel free to take or leave what you'd like. None of them are critical or 

I recommend a short paragraph be added to state explicitly one of the 
goals of moving a relatively mature project is to grow the community and 
some very brief mention of how that would be accomplished. (After all, if 
I was curious, I think others would be too). 

I recommend the section on "Relationship with other Eclipse Projects" be 
modified slightly so it doesn't sound (slightly) competitive. For example, 
you mention some cons of AspectJ (e.g "fragility") and pros of Object Team 
("richer") but the proposal is not the place to make those (slight) 
comparisons and would be better to simply say "... historically some may 
consider them competitive, but we consider them complimentary ...", or 

Minor comment ... you might want to de-emphasize JACKS in sentence on Unit 
tests. On my first reading, I thought that was the significant part of 
that sentence, but in subsequent discussion, sounds like it is not. 
Perhaps you could mention how many unit tests you have, or percent of 
coverage, if known? But the fact that you mention your unit tests at all 
is great, and more than many project proposals! 

In your tentative plan section, you mention "releasing with Helios". You 
might also mention when you plan to graduate incubation ... simultaneous 
with release? Or earlier? I'd assume "with release" is what would be 
appropriate, and time enough to mature and graduate. I'm just recommending 
it be explicit. 

I hope you find at least some of these comments helpful to you. 

Thank you for submitting the proposal to Eclipse and the Tools Project. 
Sounds very interesting and I'm sure will be a great addition to Eclipse. 

Best of luck. 

Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Stephan Herrmann <stephan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Tools PMC mailing list <tools-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "'Anne Jacko'" 
10/06/2009 11:13 AM
[tools-pmc] Object Teams proposal
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Tools PMC. Please provide your feedback and (hopefully) approval on the 
Object Teams project proposal.


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