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Re: [ecf-dev] Re: [tools-pmc] Newsreader project

Not quite sure what you mean by 'ownership'.  You would (of course) have whatever copyright you wanted in the code, and this is the ultimate notion of 'ownership' with EPL-licensed codebases (any Eclipse project).  Further, I would propose moving you toward committer status (on ECF project), and then you would be the primary committer maintainer of this/these bundles.
Are you (Wim) already a committer on some other EF project?  If so, which one(s)?  I don't expect it would be a big hassle to add you as an ECF committer, but I and the other exisitng committers would need a little bit more familiarity with your work before we can/could reasonably vote you in as an ECF committer.  But that means looking at your code...

Yes, with ownership I mean being able to work on the code and to get one or two ppl people in quickly to work on this as well. I am not an Eclipse committer. I don't mind that you look at the code but I don't want to attach it to a bug. I suggest to make a svn repo available and mail the credentials.

Since almost all requirements have been met to make it a standalone technology project wouldn't it be better for now to follow that route instead.

No, I don't really agree.  From your point of view, as a separate/new project you will have to deal with all the EF project requirements essentially on your own (e.g. the reviews, creating your own build infrastructure, going from incubation to non-incubation status, IP process, etc., etc).  We (ECF) already have all this in place, have gone through it, and can reuse what we've already done (e.g. build infrastructure).  Also, there are people like me (who've gone through it many times) to at least help do the IP and process stuff :).

Well strange as that might seem, I am actually very curious on how all this is setup and I think doing all this will be a good learning experience... 

Further, from a technology perspective, much of what you have in the newsreader app (i.e. implementation of nntp protocol) is/would be suitable for ECF, and ultimately belongs there IMHO.  Also I think there are a number of things that we're already doing (e.g. IM, shared editing, google wave integration, etc) that would be naturally helpful/valuable for the newsreader app, and having things be in separate projects and under separate project teams will not help with integration.

That is true. I think the fit in ECF is undisputed. and yes, let's talk on skype. Sent me a good time for you.

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