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Re: [ecf-dev] Re: [tools-pmc] Newsreader project

Hi Scott,

<...emerging from the pool>

Thanks again for your mail. However, I'd rather not attach my sources to a bug before it has any official status. Also, I would like to maintain some ownership on the project. How is that taken care of in your suggestion?

Since almost all requirements have been met to make it a standalone technology project wouldn't it be better for now to follow that route instead.

Best regards,


On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 8:31 PM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Wayne and all,

<...emerging from the shadow of Galileo release prep>

I would like to restart this thread (on the ECF dev mailing list...I'm not able to cross post to the technology pmc and tools pmc mailing lists as I'm not a member of those lists and so my emails if people want to have this thread duplicated on technology or tools PMC lists please send a copy to those lists).

For the moment, I would like to limit the discussion to the newsreader application specifically...not because I don't think a top-level "Social" project is a good idea (I do think it's a good idea), nor because we/ECF don't have things to contribute to such a larger effort (we certainly do), but only because I think the way to get such a larger effort started is to make immediate progress on some of the pieces (e.g. getting a newsreader app available).

So, WRT moving forward on the newsreader aspect of things...I suggest that Wim open an ECF enhancement request (e.g. titled nntp newsreader application) and that Wim attach a zip of the newsreader source code to this enhancement request.  Then I/other ECF committers can begin to work with the code, publicly comment/review it, provide feedback to Wim, get the IP stuff all worked out (which I will do), and ultimately create an incubation component for the work within ECF.
As well, we can then jointly investigate and discuss some opportunities for integration...both with existing ECF components (IRC, chat, IM, rt shared editing, tweethub/twitter client, e4 apps, etc) as well as with new things that ECF is working on or planning for the coming year (e.g. Google Wave support, xmpp server, etc).  I think there could be some very interesting things done here at the application/tools well as the server level...with very little additional technical effort, if we get folks working together effectively.  Actually, I've been thinking about it a little recently, and this might want to turn into some sort of showcase for Equinox-enabled 'modular application development', as I think things are now at the point where such modularity is really being enabled (by OSGi, Equinox, Eclipse, and EF projects).

Incidently, it doesn't matter to me whether these are organizationally in ECF, the examples project, something else in technology or tools, or in a new top-level project.  It may be that some things are done in one place (ECF) and other things in other projects...I'm open to whatever works out best for the communities involved.  But I do have to say that ECF has to limit things a little bit...only because we (once again) are going to have lots on our plate for the coming year, and I don't want to over-commit WRT what we can actually deliver, or get personally overburdened with organizational/project lead things (e.g. IP process work, etc).  Hopefully we all can share some of those duties.

As above I suggest that Wim open an ECF enhancement request (I suppose put in ecf.examples component), and attach the current newsreader source to that enhancement request...and we'll let things continue on that course.



Wayne Beaton wrote:
You should include some discussion of an eventual "Social" top-level project in your project proposal.

For now, though, let's keep it as simple as possible.


Wim Jongman wrote:
Hi Guys,

Sounds good to me. What about the idea of a top level "Social",
"Community" or "Collaboration" top level project where matured tools
from ECF, Technology, Etc.. can be moved to?

I am thinking about. IRC, Newsreader, twitter clients, etcetera?

Best regards,


On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 4:30 AM, Wayne Beaton<wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
ECF, quite reasonably, isn't going to be able to move on this any time
before July.

I wonder if the right approach is to create a project under Technology that
we can later move to ECF?


Wim Jongman wrote:
Okay, this sounds like a consent conclusion and I am more than happy
to work with ECF. What should I do next. Send the same introduction
e-mail to the Technology PMC?

Best regards,

Wim Jongman

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 5:03 PM, Schaefer, Doug
<Doug.Schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

+1. ECF or Tech. Nothing more to add.

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Looking at the current top level projects list, I don't think that
there is currently a project that is a good fit for tools like this.
Ideally there should be a "Social" top level project that would fit
tools like this one and could also hold the "Social" subprojects from
ECF like the chat clients and the IRC client and possible future
projects like a twitter client. I have some other ideas about this top
    level project. However, at the moment, the Tools project seems the

I am not so fussed about which top-level project at the moment and
generally we don't start top-levels until there is a very clear
direction and community.

Also we should keep separate (to a certain degree) which technology is
being used.  That is, just cause the project *might* be in mylyn (for
example) does not mean that one automatically has to install mylyn to
make it work.  That all depends on the code dependencies.  We have
swaths of Equinox that don't need the Equinox framework at all or can
run on other frameworks.

Your comments around Social and ECF actually lead me to believe that
while the implementation does not necessarily use ECF, ECF is currently
a focal point at Eclipse for social/communications things.  So perhaps
this is better suited to being part of ECF with an aim to at some point
growing a broader social community.  Failing that, I personally suggest
a project in Technology.  Technology is the usual spot to start projects
that have no other obvious home.


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