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Re: [tools-pmc] Newsreader project

Looking at the current top level projects list, I don't think that
there is currently a project that is a good fit for tools like this.
Ideally there should be a "Social" top level project that would fit
tools like this one and could also hold the "Social" subprojects from
ECF like the chat clients and the IRC client and possible future
projects like a twitter client. I have some other ideas about this top
level project. However, at the moment, the Tools project seems the
I am not so fussed about which top-level project at the moment and generally we don't start top-levels until there is a very clear direction and community.

Also we should keep separate (to a certain degree) which technology is being used. That is, just cause the project *might* be in mylyn (for example) does not mean that one automatically has to install mylyn to make it work. That all depends on the code dependencies. We have swaths of Equinox that don't need the Equinox framework at all or can run on other frameworks.

Your comments around Social and ECF actually lead me to believe that while the implementation does not necessarily use ECF, ECF is currently a focal point at Eclipse for social/communications things. So perhaps this is better suited to being part of ECF with an aim to at some point growing a broader social community. Failing that, I personally suggest a project in Technology. Technology is the usual spot to start projects that have no other obvious home.


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