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RE: [tools-pmc] RE: setting up a Mylyn incubation project

One thing to look at is process changes coming down the pipe. I believe
it will be possible to create an incubator component for Mylyn as
opposed to a complete project with all the overhead that gives you.

Bjorn, is my interpretation correct?


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> Subject: [tools-pmc] RE: setting up a Mylyn incubation project
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> > Subject: setting up a Mylyn incubation project
> > 
> > Mylyn would like to propose a Mylyn Incubator project.  
> What are the 
> > steps
> for
> > this?  I think that we would be happy with either a 
> separate incubator 
> > or being part of a Tools Incubator, although we would need a better
> understanding
> > of how CVS and Bugzilla would work in the case of the latter.
> I didn't hear back on this, so assume that we should go ahead 
> with the project proposal for a Mylyn Incubator, which we 
> have created (attached).
> What's the next step with a parallel project proposal of this 
> sort (e.g., I assume that we don't need "6.1 Mentors")?  
> Mik

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