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[tools-pmc] RE: setting up a Mylyn incubation project

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> From: Mik Kersten [mailto:mik@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 5:34 PM
> To: 'Tools PMC mailing list'
> Cc: 'Steffen Pingel'
> Subject: setting up a Mylyn incubation project
> Mylyn would like to propose a Mylyn Incubator project.  What are the steps
> this?  I think that we would be happy with either a separate incubator or
> being part of a Tools Incubator, although we would need a better
> of how CVS and Bugzilla would work in the case of the latter.

I didn't hear back on this, so assume that we should go ahead with the
project proposal for a Mylyn Incubator, which we have created (attached).
What's the next step with a parallel project proposal of this sort (e.g., I
assume that we don't need "6.1 Mentors")?  


Title: Mylyn Incubator Project

Mylyn Incubator Project


The Mylyn Project Incubator is a proposed open source project under the Mylyn Project. This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process document) and is written to declare its intent and scope. This proposal is written to solicit additional participation and input from the Eclipse community. You are invited to comment on and/or join the project. Please provide feedback on bug 214182.


The Mylyn Project currently separates it's distribution based on the maturity of components: The main distribution provides API, framework and reference implementations. The extras distribution has incubation components and components for advanced users. The experimental distribution provides sandbox components. Although these components are successfully being used for exploratory/experimental/forward-looking development, their evolution is constrained since they do not have access to the Parallel IP Review process.  In addition Mylyn has always made a clear distinction between incuabation quality components (previously called Sandbox components, with their own update site) and our other components.  Creating the Incubator project would make this split explicit.

Project Overview

The Mylyn Project Incubator will move the existing extras and experimental components (Generic Issue Tracker, XPlanner Connector and Sandbox) under the new sub-project so that they fall within the new Eclipse Foundation IP guidelines, which allow projects in incubation more flexibility. By doing this, we will make the separation between experimental efforts and mainline development work clearer to the community and encourage use of Incubator components by early adopters. This will also enable us to lower the entry barrier to gain commit right on incubation components without affecting the overall quality of the main distribution or requiring an overly onerous time commitment from new contributors.


The Mylyn Project Incubator will focus on new development in areas that are relevant to the Mylyn Project, which because of their nature would not be appropriate for direct inclusion in the main distribution. This could be because the work is still experimental, will have a longer timeline than can be contained within a single release, has dependencies on external IP that has not yet cleared the Eclipse Foundation IP process, or is simply potentially too destabilizing in nature.  Once per quarter we will evaluate the incubation components in order to determine whether any should be considered for graduation into the Mylyn project proper.

Out of Scope

Work in the Mylyn Project Incubator will be constrained to only those efforts that we either expect to graduate (i.e. the code will eventually become part of the Mylyn Project) or components that have a high interest and strong support in the community and provide significant value. It is not a playground for development efforts that fall outside of the broader goals of the Mylyn project. In addition, we should ensure that investment in the incubator never leaves the community with the perception that it is coming at the cost of important work on the Mylyn Project.


The Mylyn Project Incubator will be a new sub-project of the Mylyn Project. The current extras and experimental components will be moved under this sub-project.

Initial committers

The initial committers will be all committers on the current extras and experimental components. Commit rights will be handled on a component-by-component basis.

  • Mik Kersten (Tasktop Technologies): project lead
  • Robert Elves (Tasktop Technologies): committer
  • Steffen Pingel (Tasktop Technologies): committer
  • Eugene Kuleshov (Sonatype): committer

Interested Parties

The following people have expressed interest extending the model or tools, contributing ideas, guidance and discussion.
  • Helen Bershadskaya (CodeGear): expected to earn Mylyn Incubator commit rights with the XPlanner connector
  • David Green (Make Technologies): expected to earn Mylyn Incubator commit rights with the WikiText connector
  • Jingwen Ou (UBC): summer of code student who will be working in the Incubator
  • Maarten Meijer and Wim Jongman (Remain): contributors of the Generic SQL Connector component, targeted at the Incubator

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