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[tools-pmc] Re: Moving Photran from Technology to be a, component of PTP

2) Control and technical direction of a project is determined by the committers. I don't see this changing for Photran.
Of course.

> My understanding from Bjorn is:
That would all be great, if that were the outcome.
> 3. Photran-related discussions would move to the respective PTP mailing
> lists, and Photran's Web site and CVS repositories would move under PTP's.
For this, it would be as you wish: the PTP project could maintain a separate photran@ and photran-dev@ and or not - it's all y'all's choice. Of course, the problem with maintaining the additional photran identity/presence is that it has to be maintained. Time has to be spent, even small amounts of time. Rolling all that into the PTP lists and websites eliminates that need for time to be spent. But it's your choice.

- Bjorn
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