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[tools-pmc] Re: [photran-dev] Moving Photran from Technology to be a component of PTP

At least from my perspective:

1) Yes, I'm prepared to include Photran in the PTP management, planning, and release process.

2) Control and technical direction of a project is determined by the committers. I don't see this changing for Photran.



Jeffrey Overbey <subscribe-photran-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 06/19/2008 04:45:44 PM:

> Hello all,
> >     * the project lead never answers any of my emails
> Given Ralph's reply, I'll assume you (Bjorn) are talking about
> discussions on one of the mailing lists project leads are expected to
> monitor.
> >    3. either utilize or delete the photran-dev mailing list (I see that
> >       you use photran@ instead of/in addition to? photran-dev@)
> photran@ is the list for user questions/discussions, photran-dev@ is for
> Photran developers.  The volume of mail on photran-dev is directly
> proportional to the number of active committers on the project (1), so
> this is really a manifestation of another problem.
> My understanding from Bjorn is:
> 1. Photran will move to PTP on July 16 unless we explicitly act otherwise;
> 2. the problems with the Photran project are chronic failures to (1)
> comply with the Eclipse development process, (2) build a developer
> community, and (3) show progress toward becoming an active and viable
> open-source project; and
> 3. moving to being a component of PTP will solve these problems by (1)
> placing Photran under the auspices of a compliant project (2) with a
> larger group of developers (3) targeting a similar group of users.
> For the record, my understanding from Greg is, if Photran were a
> component of PTP,
> 1. Greg would take over the project lead's responsibilities: release
> planning, coordinating monthly conference calls, ensuring process
> compliance, scheduling reviews, etc.;
> 2. UIUC would maintain control over the design and technical direction
> of Photran until a larger community of active Photran developers is
> formed; and
> 3. Photran-related discussions would move to the respective PTP mailing
> lists, and Photran's Web site and CVS repositories would move under PTP's.
> Jeff

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