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[tools-pmc] Three rules!

Been reading Asimov lately?

One suggestion I have is to move this discussion to the cross-project list? Seems something the whole community should be aware of, not just those who happen to follow the tools-pmc (as important as that mailing list is :)

I also find it interesting to compare/contrast with other open source bodies' documentation of "rules of engagement", such as
Note so much for their content (thought that is interesting) but for the way they document it.

I actually like the FAQ format. Especially since it can be dynamic, in the sense you start off with a few frequently asked questions, and then as more questions come up frequently, you add to it.

I think the _appearance_ of frequently changing rules is sometimes frustrating to (us) programmers or engineers, but is actually quite normal in the management of software development.
Similarly, the _appearance_ of developers not following the rules is also frustrating to managers, but is also quiet normal :)


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Re: [tools-pmc] Re: tools-pmc Digest, Vol 19, Issue 13

How's this for a simplified version of the rules? (first draft)
Many rules is a relative term and for those of us who are poor at following
rules it will always seem like many.  ... Keeping the guidelines simple would be
good, and I'd be happy to help review them.

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