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RE: [tools-pmc] Regarding the diversity of PDT and the PDT 1.0 Gr aduation Review

Yes. It turns out you are right. I thought they had three active contributors from IBM.


We had a quick discussion and John is charged with doing something about it. I personally think they are under the wrong project and we should see if they would be better suited with the Web Tools project which should be interested in PHP tooling, no?


BTW, I have typed this e-mail twenty times and it used to be two pages long. But if you want to know what I really wanted to say, you’ll have to buy me a beer, or two, or three. gurrr…


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,

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Subject: [tools-pmc] Regarding the diversity of PDT and the PDT 1.0 Graduation Review


(hmm, this email was not delivered the first time - trying again without the typo in the address)

Dear Tools PMC,
I was looking over the PDT 1.0 Graduation Review slides and slide 18 caught by eye: "17 committers from 2 organizations (Zend and IBM)".
And yet looking at the commit explorer for the PDT project, I see that all the code has come from Zend-employed committers and none from the IBM-employed committers:

Three of the 17 committers are from IBM, but:

  • bburns has never committed any code, ever, to any Eclipse project
  • pberkland has been active in Webtools, but not in PDT or in any Tools project
  • rgoodman has been active in Webtools, but not in PDT or in any Tools project

Thus my question for the PDT Leadership and the Tools PMC is:

  • Given that the Eclipse Development Process says:
    • 2.5 "a thriving, diverse and active community of developers is the key component of any Eclipse Project"
    • 6.3 "Reasonable diversity in its committer population as appropriate for the type of Review. Diversity status must be provided not only as number of people/companies, but also in terms of effort provided by those people/companies."
    • 6.3.2 "The purpose of the Graduation Review is to confirm that the Project is/has: ... active and sufficiently diverse communities: adopters, developers, and users"
  • Given all that, how does "all the committers come from one company" qualify as "sufficiently diverse"?

Thanks for helping me understand,

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