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[tools-pmc] Regarding the diversity of PDT and the PDT 1.0 Graduation Review

(hmm, this email was not delivered the first time - trying again without the typo in the address)

Dear Tools PMC,
I was looking over the PDT 1.0 Graduation Review slides and slide 18 caught by eye: "17 committers from 2 organizations (Zend and IBM)".
And yet looking at the commit explorer for the PDT project, I see that all the code has come from Zend-employed committers and none from the IBM-employed committers:

Three of the 17 committers are from IBM, but:
  • bburns has never committed any code, ever, to any Eclipse project
  • pberkland has been active in Webtools, but not in PDT or in any Tools project
  • rgoodman has been active in Webtools, but not in PDT or in any Tools project
Thus my question for the PDT Leadership and the Tools PMC is:
  • Given that the Eclipse Development Process says:
    • 2.5 "a thriving, diverse and active community of developers is the key component of any Eclipse Project"
    • 6.3 "Reasonable diversity in its committer population as appropriate for the type of Review. Diversity status must be provided not only as number of people/companies, but also in terms of effort provided by those people/companies."
    • 6.3.2 "The purpose of the Graduation Review is to confirm that the Project is/has: ... active and sufficiently diverse communities: adopters, developers, and users"
  • Given all that, how does "all the committers come from one company" qualify as "sufficiently diverse"?
Thanks for helping me understand,

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