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[tools-pmc] RE: Mylar project rename and move

Please keep any discussion of the name change to this list for the time
being.  This is a disruptive change and we are coordinating its
communication with the Eclipse Foundation separately from the discussion of
the move.  If anyone has any specific questions before we make this public
please feel free to email me.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mik Kersten [mailto:mik@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 5:10 PM
> To: 'tools-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx'
> Subject: Mylar project rename and move
> Importance: High
> The Mylar project is being renamed to Mylyn (see the attached FAQ for
> an explanation).  I have heard it suggested several times that the
> project be moved from Technology into Tools since it has matured.
> Since both the rename and a move are disruptive to adopters, if we move
> the project within the next year I would like to batch a move with the
> rename.  The rename will happen this week.
> Regardless of timing, does the Tools PMC think that the rename is a
> good idea?  I believe that it is because the project now meets the
> charter of the Tools PMC much better than that of the Technology PMC,
> so it is a good time for it to graduate.
> Mik
> --
> Mik Kersten
> Project Lead,

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