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[tools-pmc] Mylar project rename and move

The Mylar project is being renamed to Mylyn (see the attached FAQ for an
explanation).  I have heard it suggested several times that the project be
moved from Technology into Tools since it has matured.  Since both the
rename and a move are disruptive to adopters, if we move the project within
the next year I would like to batch a move with the rename.  The rename will
happen this week.  

Regardless of timing, does the Tools PMC think that the rename is a good
idea?  I believe that it is because the project now meets the charter of the
Tools PMC much better than that of the Technology PMC, so it is a good time
for it to graduate.  


Mik Kersten 
Project Lead,

Attachment: 2007-06 Project Rename.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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