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[tools-pmc] Fw: Visual Editor - proposal for Steve Robenalt to become a committer

Hi Jeff,

>As a point of interest, has Steve a committer anywhere else in Eclipse and/or has be been contributing reasonable patches?
>I realize that we are interested in additional help on VE but we also have to have confidence in the people driving the code.

The answer to both questions is no.  Steve is not a committer anywhere else and he hasn't been contributing patches.

However he has managed to step the VE codebase up to 3.3 all on his own. I've helped him via a few e-mails but he has done most of the work under his own steam and brain power, and from his e-mails and the questions he's asking I am extremely impressed with both his ability and his enthusiasm.  I am extremely keen to get to see his code Rich Kulp and myself will review the port.  Steve is keen to stay the course as well and help to drive the project forward and become more involved.

The reason I'm not going through the patches route is that VE is just frozen in time right now and it needs some kind of blow torch to defrost it, and I'd rather get Steve on board while he's still keen on the idea rather than bury him in red tape about getting approved that just turns him away.  The worst case is that he commits a bunch of bad code that Rich and I decide is no good, in which case we can always roll back to before this and deal with it, so there is no real danger. Given a choice of being possibly proved a bad judge of character, or appearing unwelcoming of his efforts and losing Steve's 3.3 port, I'd rather be the former.

Just to reassure you that I'm not just giving a badge to anyone who wishes to be a committer, there is another fellow in China who I met at EclipseCon who has built a XML serialization version of VE that doesn't persist in Java.  His code looks solid and I'm, again, very impressed with his efforts, and he too wishes become more involved as a comitter.  For him I'm taking a different track and working together to co-author a tutorial and example on the ve.examples plugin (i.e. not the core VE runtime) that showcases XML persistence and documents the extension APIs that are involved.  This effort being done via patches and, when I'm more confident with his work and the rest of the VE team feel comfortable, I expect him to become a committer sometime soon going through a more traditional election process.

Steve is an exception though, and his joining VE at this time is the best thing that's happened for the project in a long time.

Best regards,


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