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[tools-pmc] Rolling out Parallel IP Approvals for Incubating Projects

Many of you will have seen Mike’s blog regarding parallel IP approvals for Incubating Projects at Eclipse.   This process will clearly benefit Incubating Projects in that they will now be able to proceed with development activity while due diligence is completed in parallel.   Practically speaking, this is what the rollout looks like: 

  • Our Foundation Database has been updated to enable us to track projects that are compliant with the Incubating Project logo requirements (a pre-requisite to participate in this process);
  • A bug has been opened in Bugzilla to have this information included in IPZilla automatically;
  • The Foundation Database has been updated to reflect those projects that are compliant – currently identified as the following projects:
    • technology.aperi 
    • technology.cosmos 
    • technology.dash 
    • technology.ecf 
    • technology.g-eclipse 

If you feel that your project is compliant though not identified as such, please send an email to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx to let us know.

  • I expect that many projects will become compliant over the next week or so (and please email emo@xxxxxxxxxxx, as you do so), and so in one week’s time we will update all IPBugs that are originating from compliant incubating projects with the keyword “incubation”.
  • We will then begin to go through all IPBugs with the keyword incubation to identify fully formed IPBugs (IPBugs that fully identify any nested jar files, identify the applicable license, and attach the related source code) with a compatible license.  These IPBugs will then have the keyword “checkintocvs” added to their bug. 
  • Once the keyword “checkintocvs” has been added to the IPBug, the project may then check the related code into CVS and the IP Team will continue the due diligence review in parallel.
  • If after a period of time, the code related to the IPBug is no longer needed, please let us know so that we can focus our efforts on other requirements for the community.


To help us mitigate the risk that a package may later be rejected, please do take the time to flush out your requirements.  We’ll need an IPBug for each nested jar file that you need to use as we need to look at them separately and they may have different licenses that apply to them.   We will be relying on your assessment of the license that applies to your requirement in our initial review, so take care in that determination.  Also, if a package is being re-licensed under a license that is acceptable to Eclipse (e.g. a change from GPL to EPL), please ask if each author who wrote the original code consented to the change in license.   


If you have questions related to this process, please post them to this bug that I have created to consolidate discussion on this topic.





Janet Campbell

Legal Counsel & Manager, Intellectual Property

Eclipse Foundation Inc.

Phone:  (613) 224-9461, x.229 (GMT -5)

Fax:  (613) 224-5172

Email:  janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx

Alternate email:  janet@xxxxxxxxxxx


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