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[tools-pmc] PTP 1.1 release status and legal issues

Hi all,

You may have noticed that the PTP 1.1 release review was not included in reviews scheduled for Jan 31. Unfortunately we've run into a legal issue regarding the copyright notice on the PTP source files. Even though they were approved for the 1.0 release, the Foundation would like them to be changed to the standard Eclipse version. However, this requires authorization from the copyright holder, which is LANL. At this point it seems unlikely that approval will be granted and the notices changed in time for the review.

The current plans are still to tag the release as RC2 this Friday. This will then be the last build prior to changing the copyright notices and obtaining approval from a release review at a yet to be determined date. Once the copyright notices have been changed, there will be a final release build.

Sorry about the delays.


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