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[tools-pmc] Re: Changing the name of PHP IDE Project to PDT

I think this is a fine idea. Thinking about potential conflicts, I can imagine that the Pascal tools might want the same "PDT" name - no, wait, we don't have any Pascal tools... Let's see: Perl tools? Python tools? ... nope, we don't have those either and the Dynamic Language Toolkit (DLTK) project is going to cover them under DLTK. So I think we're completely safe...

- Bjorn

Yossi Leon wrote:

Hi All,


The PHP project was officially called when proposed to PDT (PHP Development Tool).

During that time, it was changed to PHP IDE which doesn’t fully describe the project and also doesn’t follow the standard of other tools such as CDT and JDT.

I would suggest (after Andi Gutmans was consulting Mike about it as well) to change the name back to PDT just before we going on the process of release candidates.

There shouldn’t be too many changes since the plugins are named as org.eclipse.php.* and also the web site.


Please let me know whether it’s approved so I can continue with the process.




Yossi Leon

Product Manager, Development Tools

& PHP IDE Project Leader
yossi@xxxxxxxx +1-212-645-0040


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