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[tools-pmc] New COBOL committers vote summary

Voting on the cobol-dev mailing list has concluded with unanimous committer +1 for the new committers.

Please cast your vote for approving these new committers.
+1 from me

>>>>>                 Hiroyuki Inaba <hiroyuki.inaba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear COBOL project committers,

>   This is an email to request your vote on our
> recommendation of new committers for COBOL project.

>   I would like to nominate Hisanori Moriguchi and
> Keiichi Ida as committers for the COBOL project.
>   Both are willing to contribute to COBOL project
> development.  In the past three months, both have
> been actively working on the COBOL plugin upgrage
> development work for Eclipse.

The new committers voting summary is as follows.

Committers                Vote
John Duimovich         abstain
Hiroyuki Inabba          +1,+1
Eiji Morito                  +1,+1
Tomoki Shiratori          +1,+1
Yoshihiro Yasuoka         +1,+1
Kouichi Nakamura          +1,+1 (email vote forwarded by Hiroyuki Inabba due to inability Nakamura-san to vote directly on list)

Non-committers (non-binding)

Jens Doll                -1,-1

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