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[tools-pmc] Fw: COBOL project at eclipse

Please remove Doug Brown as a committer to COBOL.  Doug has agreed that he is inactive and can be removed

Again, not sure there is a "remove committer" page but if I need to follow some other process let me know.


----- Forwarded by John Duimovich/Ottawa/IBM on 04/26/2006 06:32 PM -----
"Doug Brown" <dougabro@xxxxxxxxxxx>

04/26/2006 06:14 PM

Please respond to

John Duimovich/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
RE: COBOL project at eclipse

Please remove me as a committer. My activity is zero and my vote would be worthless.
I had asked someone else to remove me a year or more back but it appears it didn’t happen.
Thanks for asking.

From: John Duimovich [mailto:John_Duimovich@xxxxxxxxxx]
Wednesday, April 26, 2006 12:05 PM
COBOL project at eclipse



You are still listed as a committer in the cobol project at

I'm not sure how active you are these days or whether or not you are working on the project anymore.

I'm asking because there is a new committer vote on cobol-dev currently (our friends in Japan are becoming more active) and I wanted to know if you planned to vote. Your options are +1,-1 or 0 (abstain) or no vote at all. If you don't care, abstain would allow us to conclude the vote sooner as all the committers would have voted.

I'd also like to know if you want to keep your commit status. If you plan to work on this, then by all means keep your access but if not, I'd like to do some housekeeping.


John Duimovich

Eclipse Tools PMC Lead

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