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[tm-dev] TM move from CVS to GIT

Hello Anna,

Do you think we could have a session to review the results of the
comparison for the current branches, ?
and verify the differences are expected.

from 9 am to 11 am (CST), I have space just let me know at what time works
better for you


Jose Manuel Garcia Maciel
Rational TeamInstall Team
Software Engineer
Software Group
 (Embedded     Phone: 52-33-3669-7000 x5818 | Mobile:           (Embedded image moved to 
 image moved   52-33-1097-4506                                    file: pic08682.gif)IBM 
 to file:      E-mail: josemg@xxxxxxxxxxx                                                
 pic29534.jpg) Find me within IBM on: (Embedded image moved    2200 Camino A El Castillo 
 2D barcode -  to file: pic36319.jpg)IBM Connections:                El Salto, JAL 45680 
 encoded with                                              Mexico 

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