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[tinydtls-dev] Removing dtls_renegotiate - RFC 7925 Section 17

Dear tinydtls users,

in the last days we discussed issues around "renegotiation" [1].
Our current conclusion is to remove the function

int dtls_renegotiate(dtls_context_t *ctx, const session_t *dst);

in dtls.h according the recommendation in RFC 7925 [2].

Therefore it's important, that if you use it to give use feedback
about your use-case. In my experience it was frequently
"misused" in order to overcome NATing issues, but it doesn't
work for that.

Please provide your feedback ASAP, I plan to remove it
starting from 21. November.

Just as information ahead:

We plan to implement RFC5746 in a minimal version
(only support secure negotiation, but don't support renegotiation at all.)
in order to get again "out of the box" interoperability with other implementations. Until that "RFC 5746 minimal version" is completed, please disable the strict
RFC 5746 support when using other implementations there.



best regards
Achim Kraus


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