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[tinydtls-dev] x509 certificate

Hi guys,
I need to add x.509 support to my tinyDTLS application.
In this moment i have an implementation like the one proposed in dtls-server.c in which I have ecdsa_priv_key, ecdsa_pub_key_x and ecdsa_pub_key_y hardcoded and i haven't certificate in my PC.

I need that my code loads and send a x.509 certificate and on the other side i would like verify if my certificate is valid contacting a trusted CA.

Now (if i have understand in a correct way the code) dtls_send_certificate_ecdsa create a certificate during execution and on the other side check_server_certificate checif that certificate is valid but doesn't contact CA.

I would like know if exist an implementation/example in which are used x.509 certificate to verify the actual identity of our interlocutor, of if doesn't exist an implementation if you have some tips to implement this kind of solution.

Thanks to all for your answer,

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