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[tinydtls-dev] Fwd: dtls_hmac_storage_init with static memory allocation

Good day,

Is anyone using tinyDTLS with Contiki (or RIOT) that can communicate between the 6LoWPAN and the exterior with success? (By example using the tinydtls/dtls-server code and the dtls client for Contiki)

I think  that `dtls_init()` must call `dtls_hmac_storage_init ()` or at least for RIOT I'm forced to do it. But I'm seeing that projects with a Contiki fork (such as Cetic/6lbr) does not make said change. So, not sure if I'm missing something or it was a missed line from the beginning.

Without this modification, nodes using the static memory allocator (e.g. MEMB for Contiki) does not has problems completing the handshake process between themselves, BUT, once they try to communicate with other  nodes that uses dynamic allocation the former are going to have problems with the master secret.

If this is a bug, I'll prepare a commit with the fix ASAP.


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