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Re: [tinydtls-dev] Fwd: dtls_hmac_storage_init with static memory allocation

To be honest, dtls_hmac_storage_init() exist also for standard compilation but is defined in hmac.h instead of hmac.c  which also increase the nightmare with the #ifdefs around the code.

best regards,
-- Raul Fuentes

2017-11-30 9:53 GMT+01:00 Olaf Bergmann <bergmann@xxxxxxx>:
Raul Fuentes <> writes:

> I think that `dtls_init()` must call `dtls_hmac_storage_init ()`

Yes. It is also an error that dtls_hmac_storage_init() currently exists
for platform Contiki only as it is necessary to intialize the memory
arena whenever you use static allocators.


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