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[time4sys-dev] Committer Election for Yassine Ouhammou on Eclipse Time4Sys has started

A committer election for Yassine Ouhammou on project Eclipse Time4Sys
(polarsys.polarsys.time4sys) was started by Aurelien Didier with this

Yassine has been the initial and main contributor of the Time4Sys analysis
repository and to the first repository instance.
He was also greatly involved in Time4Sys to Mast and Time4Sys to Romeo

He was the advisor of two PhD students that work on those transformations and
on some inner Time4Sys transformations.
LIAS laboratory also have contributed to Time4Sys metamodel.
Directly or indirectly, Yassine has followed all the development made by LIAS
laboratory on Time4Sys and is the most relevant LIAS researcher to be a
committer on the project.

Yassine, as other LIAS contributions are mostly prior to the first commit
and the integration of their modifications was done by myself while I were
integrating LIAS work with Thales one.

Eclipse Time4Sys project committers can click the election link below to



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