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[time4sys-dev] Committer Election for Nicolas Sordon on Eclipse Time4Sys has started

A committer election for Nicolas Sordon on project Eclipse Time4Sys
(polarsys.polarsys.time4sys) was started by Aurelien Didier with this

Nicolas Sordon along with Thales are the initial contributor of the whole
Time4Sys metamodel (GRM, HRM, SRM, GQAM, NFP, SAM) before it was enhanced and
commited by Real Time At Work.

Nicolas also contributed to diagrams and properties view and properties
edition wizard, by filtering irrelevant informations and adding missing ones.
Thales has been implied on Time4Sys specification since the beginning of the
project and are the best placed to accept or refuse commits impacting
Time4Sys metamodel and diagrams.

Eclipse Time4Sys project committers can click the election link below to



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