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RE: [tigerstripe-dev] exact enclosing model project

Title: Re: [tigerstripe-dev] exact enclosing model project
Dear all,
The problem solved. Now I can see the annotations in "Annotation Property View".
best regards,
From: Zhang, Jin-Zhai (TSG-BAS-China-SH)
Sent: 2010年3月1日 20:29
To: 'Eric Dillon'; 'Tigerstripe developers list'
Cc: Flauw, Marc
Subject: RE: [tigerstripe-dev] exact enclosing model project

Hi Eric and team,
I'm following the WIKI page to play with the sample org.eclipse.tigerstripe.annotation.example.designNotes. A question I encoutered is: I added annotation to an entity, but found that the 'Annotation Property View' is empty. Following is what I did. Did I miss some steps?
Now we can see that the two annotations ('Design Notes', and 'TODO') are recognized by tigerstripe, and I can add the annotation "TODO" to entity named "EntitySample":
but now nothing is shown in "Annotation Property View". Why, did I miss any steps here?
best regards,

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