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[tigerstripe-dev] exact enclosing model project

Sorry, I put subject and re-send. 
 Hi Team, 
Would please help me with following question: I have a Tigerstripe model project which depends on other models, now given an artifact (e.g. an Package artifact, or a ManagedEntityArtifact), how can I know which Tigerstripe model does the artifact belong to, at runtime?
Here let me give more details. I have a model 'spm' tigerstripe project. It depends on a model named 'spm_dependencies'. We export 'spm_dependencies' as a tigerstripe model and add it in the list of 'dependencies' of the 'spm' model project.
Now I run an 'artifact rule' (as part of a generater) with 'spm' model project. the configuration of the rule is given here:
I suppose I can know enclosing model in this way:
   ITigerstripeModelProject proj = packageArtifact.getTigerstripeProject();
   String enclosingModelProjName = null;
   if (proj != null) {
        enclosingModelProjName = proj.getName();
Given a package or an entity defined in the current model ('spm' model), the getTigerstripeProject() returns an object from which I can get model proj name. but if the package or the entity is defined in dependency model ('spm_dependencies' model), the method returns null.
Any suggestion?
best regards,

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