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RE: [tigerstripe-dev] Can I run global rules conditionally?

Hi Jinzhai,


There is no way to trigger a global rule conditionally at present.


For template rules, you can mimic this behavior:


a)      Add a condition at the top of the template prior to generating any output. In this condition you could for example, check the size of the $sessions collection.

b)      This would then create an empty file if the condition is not met, so you can then clear up empty files in the rule definition using the “Suppress Empty Files” check box.  

c)       NOTE : This would potentially overwrite existing files, but I don’t think that is what you are trying to avoid here.


I don’t know of any way of getting round the copy rule limitation though.



Hope this helps,






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Hi team,

Would please help me in following question:

the question is: can I run global rules conditionally? I'm working with Tigerstripe workbench 0.5.0.x


- Global Rules - File/Directory Copy Rule:

  For example, , I want to generate web servcies definitions (XSD and WSDL) from tigerstripe models. Now given a model, IF the model is relevant with notification, THEN I will copy existing WS-notification XSD/WSDL files to target folder; ELSE IF the model is not relevant with notification, THEN nothing will be copied.


- Global Rules - Global Template Rule:

The case is: I have one VM template in my tigerstripe generator, when I run the generator agaist a model, the VM should run only IF the model meets some global condition (e.g. the model contains at least one SessionFacade).


best regards,



ZHANG Jinzhai
HP Enterprise Services


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