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[tigerstripe-dev] Can I run global rules conditionally?

Hi team,
Would please help me in following question:
the question is: can I run global rules conditionally? I'm working with Tigerstripe workbench 0.5.0.x
- Global Rules - File/Directory Copy Rule:
  For example, , I want to generate web servcies definitions (XSD and WSDL) from tigerstripe models. Now given a model, IF the model is relevant with notification, THEN I will copy existing WS-notification XSD/WSDL files to target folder; ELSE IF the model is not relevant with notification, THEN nothing will be copied.
- Global Rules - Global Template Rule:
The case is: I have one VM template in my tigerstripe generator, when I run the generator agaist a model, the VM should run only IF the model meets some global condition (e.g. the model contains at least one SessionFacade).
best regards,
ZHANG Jinzhai
HP Enterprise Services

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