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[tigerstripe-dev] Questions about Annotation Framework.

I have starting to use the annotation framework to develop some annotation functionality for our application. First of all I've managed to get it working quite well. I've registered a complex object as an annotation and it all seems to be working..
I have the following questions:
  1. is there a way to customize the Annotation Property view? It would be good to be able to provide a custom implementation of the property editors for various reasons:
      - To allow customized views... so for instance 'constraint' below should be a multi line box.
      - For usability.
  2. We really need to be able to hide the URIs from the user. They should only have to know about the objects they are annotating.
  3. AnnotationImage : where is this displayed? Should it be where the default toString is? There is an example but it never pops up. I seems to remember that you can use a resource specifier in the Extention definition. This might be better than just a string.

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