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[tigerstripe-dev] Eclipse bug # 215646

I raised this bug today, as it was causing me problems doing some work for Yoram.
Basically I was looking for a stereotypes (in this case Preliminary) and where I found it, I removed it and added a new one in it's stead (in this case Provisional).
When completed  (after an audit and refresh of the workspace) I was left needing to do a "Sync to Model" for any diagrams affected. I was still doing this manually.
This was failing due to some "duplicate" errors. So on investigation I found that the problem occurs where an attribute has >1 stereotype, and the Preliminary attribute was the first one -eg <<Preliminary,   xxx >>. After my update I have <<xxx, Provisional >>.
The code referred to compares the length of the lists and then copies each item for the attribute to the diagram. Unfortunately this means that it attempts to copy the first item (xxx) into the diagram where it already exists - hence the failure.
I can see no easy workaround in my code - there is no way to manipulate the list of stereos other than adding and removing - which affects the order. I suppose I could do a wholesale copy, then put back in the "proper" order.
However :
I cast around a bit in the code, and I can see that this process is inconsistent for Model, Attribute, Label and Artifact.  (eg method doesn't appear to attempt to do anything, Labels(Literals) do the same as Attribute, and Artifact seems to be doing it correctly).
There is clearly something a bit amiss here.

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