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[tigerstripe-dev] 3rd party jar file update

Hi all,


Looking at the number of 3rd party jar file we needed to distribute with the initial code contribution and the tight process of Eclipse Legal I decided to look into refactoring the code in an attempt to remove some of the non-necessary ones.


It turns out that:

-          the dependencies on commons-jelly-*.jar was mainly due to some file operations that I was able to re-implement in Java directly.

-          The dependency on Jaxen (XPath) was only triggered in 2 calls in the whole code, where I had been “smart” and used an XPath _expression_ to navigation a simple XML document. As it turns out, it is just as simple to walk the document directly… which removes the dependency.


There should be no impact on the behavior of Tigerstripe as a result of this refactor expect for the Copy Rules in plugins where is a “**/*.xxx” _expression_ was used… a little testing would be required J. We were using the native Ant/Fileset implementation indirectly, now it is a lightweight homemade version.

Please let me know if you stumble on any problem there.


As a result we are down to a set of pre-approved 3rd party jars + Qdox + Velocity. So we should be in good shape now.


I’ve updated a table to list these dependencies:





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