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[technology-pmc] Committer Election for Alex Boyko on Eclipse LSP4E has started

A committer election for Alex Boyko on project Eclipse LSP4E
(technology.lsp4e) was started by Mickael Istria with this criteria:

Alex was an early adopter of LSP4E and has been a long term contributor since
then. His first commit is already 5 years old!

Here is a list of changes authored by Alex:
$ git log --author=Boyko --pretty=oneline
1e9d9c925998fe608de98c75688cad9bc2c9d2ba Only use Quickfix kind of
CodeActions for Quickfixes
f88a552b12efd526682288c1dfa042a42d70cf27 Proper caching for Quick Assist
56c31c4b6d65119da7ed17e18d391e963dc6ce0f Single undo for WorkspaceEdit with
multiple edits
3afa52329c7c61cc0b24991cf119dd68540209de Java editor LS Quick Assist
2e4868fb0ef16565185d3ba92b967e5f204300bb Bug 563802 - If no LS hover let JDT
hover providers work
f5ecae5f90ad11592266de421f3a860b841bf1bb Bug 563113 - Improve
LSJavaHoverProvider implementation
88ffa4d625a96e46207b396a7469fd1f68205077 Bug 549597 - Avoid starting LS when
it's being stopped
f224bb0f188dedfae175f86015e91b865d94db75 Bug 544794 - Avoid NPE for hyper
links detection if doc uri is null
f7486e8c81ebabeec2a5a1c368957192cd38a54c Bug 543435 - Create Doc edits when
change is being performed
f6844ff3d35839481f0b17a0a1b71747568c6efa Bug 543345 - Strikeout style on
deprecated completion proposal
0ce3bfbd4be3e213eabde2b07d7f882e948cec4b Bug 542727 - Support Markdown
completion proposal documentation
19a965840032cae962561902ca70c1b215b98d8d Bug 537590 - Make document version
available via LSPDocumentInfo
de7c6d0ef5540dfbd4ef1c45e4057d2319acb2c4 Bug 531697 - IntroURL hover test
42de9aff0195e29c1231e30371b25c032544caa4 Bug 531697 - Handle IntroURL in
hover docs
b6c4414b97c62f39b5b794e11bcb59c86f364c8f Bug 527643 Open links in hovers in
the browser
a56024fd9b531d1f37f4d04e779a53f1f1813861 Bug 527584 - Enhanced notifications
0b3c696d3607cf4390599b8374e5c14bcb24778f Bug 518332 - Don't start LS after
revert changes and close editor

Alex is also pretty active on many discussion and often participates in
decision making with constructive feedback.
It is my pleasure to nominate Alex as a committer on Eclipse LSP4E.

Eclipse LSP4E project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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