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Re: [technology-pmc] Request to mark sisu-maven-plugin specific dependencies as 'WORKS WITH'

I guess I just don't see those dependencies as "pre-req" because they aren't required to use Sisu. You only need them if you want to generate the optional component index when building with Maven. In which case those dependencies are automatically provided by the Maven runtime by virtue of adding the sisu-maven-plugin declaration to your project model (pom.xml). But you could use Sisu without them and even generate the optional component index for a given assembled application using the command-line tool, which also doesn't need those dependencies.

But I don't want to hold up our first IP log review unduly, so I have no objection to leaving them as they are for the moment.

Cheers, Stuart

On 9 Oct 2013, at 18:40, Wayne Beaton wrote:

Any follow up?

These CQs are already approved for distribution.

That doesn't mean that you must distribute them. If you choose to pick them up from somewhere else later, that's a distribution detail that I don't think is an IP concern.

My recommendation is to just leave these as they are.


On 9 Sep 2013, at 18:57, Wayne Beaton wrote:

I just followed the links that I should have followed before...

All of these CQs are already approved as standard prereq dependencies that you can distribute.

What's the distinction that you're looking for here? Permission to distributed them from Maven Central instead of

That I can mark them as WORKSWITH because they are not a prerequisite for Sisu, but rather that Sisu (more specifically the sisu-maven-plugin) works with these dependencies when that plugin is run inside Maven.

Perhaps it's a fine line, because they are required to compile the sisu-maven-plugin, but they won't be distributed from and only people who explicitly add the sisu-maven-plugin to their build will use them.

(and in that situation the Maven runtime will effectively be supplying these dependencies to the plugin)


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