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[technology-pmc] Hudson package renaming exception

Greetings Technology PMC.

The good folks behind the Hudson proposal [1] have asked us to grant a
package namespace exception for the project.

Renaming the existing packages into the 'org.eclipse.hudson' namespace
will break every plugin in the world. Developers with knowledge of the
code inform me that there is no single point where we can create an
adapter to bridge the package name.

In the EMO's opinion, forcing Hudson to change their package namespace
will effectively kill the existing community around the project and we
have therefore granted them an exception to our package naming rules.

I have asked the project to keep alignment with our naming rules in mind
as a future/ongoing goal of the project.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

FWIW, we will likely be scheduling the creation review for the week of
June 23-29/2011.




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