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Re: [technology-pmc] Project Termination Candidates

Hi Wayne,

Am 09.09.2010 19:20, schrieb Wayne Beaton:
> I'm pretty sure that all past input from you has been considered.

I had a look again and I'm pretty sure as well. Thanks for driving this.

> I'd like to schedule this review for early October. I'd like to start
> contacting the affected projects directly next week to give them a fair
> chance to fight for continued existence. Please take a few minutes to
> look it over. I don't mind doing the work, I just want to make sure that
> (a) I'm not terminating any project that shouldn't be terminated, and
> (b) I'm not missing any projects that are ready for graceful retirement.

I think that (a) isn't an issue because you will contact all listed
projects. BTW, I can also contact some of the projects if you like. We
can work on a common mail template which explains the process and our
reason to do so a bit.

With regards to (b) I think the list is pretty complete for this one. We
already discussed this that we should have those reviews (more)
regularly. I'm just not sure if a yearly interval is too short.

> I'm thinking that this termination review will be my last official act
> as Technology PMC Lead. Gunnar has graciously agreed to take over this
> role and it's high time that I took the steps to make this happen. This
> assumes, of course, that Gunnar is still interested in the job. :-) I
> intend to stay on as PMC member.

Thanks Wayne! Yes, I'm still interested. Although, it will be quite a
bit of a challenge to follow in your footsteps. I'm glad, you intend to
stay on as PMC member.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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