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RE: [technology-pmc] Tycho creation review requested

On a somewhat sideways note... 

I have heard the "we don't like to use forums" comments from projects
before. This is partly an IT problem. There isn't really a technological
reason that forums and mailing lists should remain separate like they are
today. Forums are good for users who want infrequent access. Mailing lists
are easier for the dev team and frequent adopters. Would be great if the infrastructure was capable of creating a single entity that
could be both a mailing list and a forum. That way projects could choose if
they want separate (user vs dev forum/list) or if one is enough. In either
case, they wouldn't pick the type of the medium, but rather its purposes.
Individuals would choose if they want to access these channels via mail, web
forum or rss. If I mostly read a channel, but reply infrequently, I would
pick RSS. If I post to a channel frequently, e-mail is far more convenient
to use.

- Konstantin

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Our process fell apart here, it seems. It may well be the case that we 
just automatically created the forum without really even thinking much 
about it or including Jason in the process. I'll review that. In the 
meantime, we will make sure that all new project proposals are more 
aware of the communication channel we decide upon.

FWIW, I give my +1 on the project creation as well.


Konstantin Komissarchik wrote:
> +1
> Ok. I don't want to stand in the way, but this is something that we will
> need to continue to monitor. I understand the difficulties in moving an
> existing project, but I am concerned that the designated communication
> channel for the proposal was ignored by the project team. Questions were
> posed and not answered. 
> - Konstantin
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> +1
> It takes some time till all communication channels are properly
> communicated. For example, the Jetty folks completely dropped their
> forum/newsgroup as communication channel.
> In the case of Tycho I noticed quite a bit more discussions/chats on
> conferences/get togethers than a new proposal typically gets. They
> already have a good adoption rate. Well, it's an established project
> that's moving to Eclipse.
> -Gunnar
> Am 16.07.2010 18:15, schrieb Wayne Beaton:
>> Hey folks. A creation review has been requested for Tycho
>> I'm looking for a couple of +1s to proceed. If you have any questions 
>> about the project, please direct them to the communication mechanism 
>> indicated in the proposal.
>> Wayne

Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation
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