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Re: [technology-pmc] Unblocking IAM

El 21/05/2009, a las 22:08, Wayne Beaton escribió:

How is the Maven Embedder, as packaged by the q4e project, different from what is currently in our system?

It is an older version which was working well before moving development to Eclipse.

I was expecting that having it as an pre-req would be easier than passing IP review

Let me clarify that we still intend to go through full ip review (I'm counting on the m2eclipse team for part of that job, since Jason stated that he would clear up the IP issues for plexus when submitting m2e sources), but we need to get the IAM project moving.

Can you list the CQs you're currently stalled on?

and, not plexus:


Abel Muiño wrote:
Hello PMC,

Currently, the Eclipse Technology Project Eclipse IAM is blocked by the IP problems affecting Plexus, one of the required dependencies for the Maven Embedder (used by IAM).

In order to move forward, I would like to evaluate creating a pre-req (non-exempt, probably) on the maven embedder as packaged by the q4e project (

Can the PMC advice us on how to proceed?

N.B.: We are aware that this is not the best option (IAM will be in a position similar to Subversive) but will be "good enough" for the time being (and better than the current status), allowing IAM to publish builds from <>.

Abel Muiño -

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