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Re: [linux-distros-dev] Re: [technology-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for anithra

Andrew Overholt wrote:
I was under the impression that Anithra was the new maintainer and
development had been restarted.  I've seen posts from him on the
SystemTap mailing list and he's been active in getting this stuff into
Linux distributions.
This is the sort of information that we need to see in a nomination.
That isn't sufficient?  It's a bit of a catch 22 if someone wants to
contribute code and work on it at but they can't be a
committer to do so.  Maybe we should have an incubator?  We're in
incubation ourselves ...
I agree, and I want to make sure that we're not putting unnecessary roadblocks in front of people who want to participate. I don't think that an incubating project needs to have its own incubator (though I am forming an opinion that a most--if not all--mature projects should have one).

My concern is *not* that Anithra does not deserve to be a committer; my concern was that I could find very little evidence to back it up. It never occurred to me to check the SystemTap mailing list.

The shortcoming is with the PMC. We need to provide some more guidance in terms of what we need to see in a nomination.


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