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Re: [mat-dev] RE: [technology-pmc] MAT contribution: DTFJ adpater

Sorry for not replying earlier.

It sounds like a "works-with" to me.


Buchen, Andreas wrote:
Hi Wayne,

Have you any news on this issue?
"works-with" vs "pre-req" for the DTFJ contribution to MAT.

Kind regards,


P.S.: I hope it is not my spam eating monster of mail server that has eaten your response...

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Hi Andreas. This is going to take me a little while to sort out. I'll try to get back to you by EOD.


Buchen, Andreas wrote:
Dear PMC,

I have a question regarding a contribution to the Memory Analyzer. Andrew Johnson of IBM has contributed the code to read IBM heap dumps using the DTFJ interface. Great stuff! Currently it is available from Alphaworks as binary plug-ins [2]. The contribution is attached to Bugzilla 269534 [1].

The code compiles and runs against the DTFJ API which can be downloaded from [2]. According to [3], we have therefore have to work out whether this is a "works-with" dependency or a "pre-req".

IMHO, this sounds like a "works-with" dependency. MAT can run without the DTFJ API installed. Once the user installs the DTJF bundles to his or her installation, MAT will also recognize the IBM dumps. What is your understanding?

The next step will be to create a CQ for this contribution.

Can also give some advice on how to best handle the build process. Of course, we cannot check-in the binaries. What is the best way to handle this? Download the binaries dynamically in the script?

Kind regards,



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