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[technology-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for George Stanchev

technology PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
George Stanchev's Committer status on the technology.higgins project. As a
PMC member, you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My
Foundation portal page:

George Stanchev was nominated by Paul Trevithick as follows: 
George has worked closely with the Higgins community and developers over
the past 2 years as ALF was consuming components from Higgins. The Higgins
STS is a cornerstone in the ALF SSO framework and he worked with Mike
McIntosh on improving and reporting (and providing fixes for) number of
issues and bugs. In addition to that he worked with Jim Sermersheim and
made some IdAS suggestions and improvements. George implemented the ALF SSO
components that Brian Carroll architected and is working on contributing to
Higgins. These components are his biggest contribution to the Higgins
community to date. George has attended the Higgins F2F meetings over the
last 2 years (including the one in Provo, UT.

George is a Staff Software Developer with Serena Software, Inc. working on
security and identity related projects. In collaboration with Brian Caroll,
he developed a WS-Federation Passive Requestor Profile Single Sign-On
framework based on WS-Trust, WS-Security and SAML 1.1 which utilizes
Higgins components for identity management. This authentication framework
is used in flagship Serena products such as Serena Business Mashups,
deployed in our SaaS offering and currently rolled out to all Serena major
offerings.  George has been an Eclipse committer on the ALF project for
over 2 years. Before this, he developed an ETL solution, worked on various
Serena projects as a server and middleware developer in C++, Java and .NET.
George has been with Serena 8.5 years. Prior to Serena, he worked for
UnitedHealthcare's Ingenix unit where he worked on a claim processing
system and several Business Intelligence projects as a server-side

Vote summary: 4/0/0 with 15 not voting 
   ?  Paula Austel
   ?  Duane Buss
   ?  Anthony Bussani
  +1  Greg Byrd
   ?  Thomas Gross
   ?  Andrew Hodgkinson
   ?  Jeesmon Jacob
   ?  Peter Kimlach
   ?  Valery Kokhan
   ?  Maxim Kopeyka
   ?  Tie Li
  +1  Sergey Lyakhov
   ?  Michael McIntosh
  +1  Mary Ruddy
   ?  Markus Sabadello
   ?  Jim Sermersheim
  +1  Paul Trevithick
   ?  Brian Walker
   ?  Alexander Yuhimenko

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