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[technology-pmc] Re: updates to EGit proposal?

Shawn, that all sounds reasonable. The proposal doesn't become public until you say it's time. So it's you want to delay a bit waiting for more diversity in the project, that's fine. Just let me know when it's time to do something. Thanks.

Anne Jacko

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On Mar 7, 2009, at 1:17 PM, Shawn O. Pearce wrote:

Anne Jacko <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Do you have an updated version of the proposal? Wayne asked for this
Robin, can you please include a "changes" section in the document (and
keep it up to date)?
Can you also please indicate who will be the PL?

and Chris says:
Mik Kersten pinged me today and would like to be added as an interested

I will make these edits and forward a new version along.  Robin and I
have agreed that I will serve as PL.

Once the proposal is finalized, I'll write the Declaration for you to
approve, and then we can send out the email to the membership that makes
it public. Thanks.


SAP AG has also asked to be involved.  I'm scheduled to have a phone
conversation with them on Monday.  If I chose to get them listed
as an involved party in the initial proposal, they have asked that
we hold off on posting until after April 6th.

SAP wants to allocate ~2 engineers at about 80% onto this project
if they do get involved, and they have some resource allocation
related meetings on the 6th that they need answers out of in order
to commit the engineers.

Personally, I'm not in any rush to get the proposal completed, I
just don't want it to languish forever.  We'll see how the call goes
on Monday.  If there may be something useful there I may chose to
hold the proposal back about a month.  Its against my open sourcey
nature, but probably a good move politically in terms of getting
SAP involved... assuming that involvement will be worthwhile.


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