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[technology-pmc] Formalizing some practices

Hey Technology PMC members.

I'd like to add a "Practices" section to our wiki page [1] with the following initial content:

==Policies and Practices==
In this section, we describe some of the processes that are particular to the Technology PMC.

===Setting Policies and Practices===
All new policies and practices, and changes to existing policies and practices, are discussed and voted upon in the Technology PMC's mailing list. A simple majority of all active PMC members is required to implement new policies and practices.

===Changing a Project Lead===
Ultimately, the Technology PMC can, at its own discretion, change the leadership of a Technology project. However, whenever possible, such action will only be undertaken following a vote (simple majority) from the project's committers. Any negative votes (-1) must be resolved to the PMC's satisfaction.

===Electing Committers===
The Eclipse Development process allows a project to set its own criteria for electing new committers. The Technology PMC requires that all committer nominations include specific rationalization of the merit of the individual. At a minimum, we expect that all committer nominations include a list of at least three bugs (including ids) that the candidate has worked on.

I'd like to have your thoughts on this topic. I'd like to capture as much of this sort of information as we can, in as concise a form as possible. Some additional wordsmithing might be required.

If there are other entries that you think we need to add, let's please discuss them.




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