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[technology-pmc] Re: ComponentBee proposal

M. Henttonen,
ComponentBee sounds interesting, but there is a key section missing from the proposal: the Scope section. The Scope section of the proposal defines the space the project will be working in. Think of the space of all possible software technology as a map on a flat plane: the scope section defines the polygon in that space wherein this project (the ComponentBee project) will work. Our goal at Eclipse is to ensure that our released projects have non-overlapping scopes thus you can see why the scope section is an important piece of the proposal process. A paragraph or two is just fine, but it needs to say what is in scope and what is out of scope. For example, I assume that out of scope is adding probes into the SUT (because you use TPTP to do that) and I assume that in scope is calculating the reliability/quality values for the SUT based on dynamic traces (because that's one of the key goals of the software). Etc.


Anne Jacko wrote:
Bjorn, Mike (cc Tech PMC and Katja),

Please review and comment on the ComponentBee proposal:


Anne Jacko

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