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[technology-pmc] OSEE initial observations

Hey PMC folk. I've done my initial pass. Below are the observations that I will be sending to the OSEE mailing list. I still need to draw some conclusions from this data. My initial take is that they aren't effectively engaging with the community. More specifically, they are not working in a particularly transparent way and, while they do seem to be writing code, they don't seem to be keeping their project meta data up-to-date.

More later. Comments welcome.



Does the project self-host? The website states that "The system captures project data into a common user-defined data model providing bidirectional traceability, project health reporting, status, and metrics which seamlessly combine to form a coherent, accurate view of a project in real-time." Is OSEE providing these services for itself? The FAQ seems to indicate that it does. Is this something that I can see for myself?

Dash isn't showing any recent commits and all committers currently show as inactive on the Project Summary page [1]. However, a quick, browse through SVN shows some recent commits. I don't think that the SVN repository is listed correctly (though I'm not sure if this is the source of the problem or not).

I noticed that the org.eclipse.osee.framework.core bundle doesn't contain an about.html file. For more information, see [2].

The mailing list, osee-dev [3], is virtually unused. The newsgroup [4] has more activity, but I have some concern that user's aren't getting the feedback they require. One entry states how the lack of feedback is hurting the chances of OSEE adoption for at least one organization [5]:

I just want to give some feedback - in the last days I have evaluated OSEE for using it by one of our customer. You have a great product with many useful features, but I decide to use our own solution, because of lack of documentation (which I can accept for the new Eclipse project) and because I didn't get any answers on my questions in the news portal. So I don't have a good feeling, that I can customize OSEE to the customer's needs and can get support from the project committers.

You have to invest more time in community support - that is very important for a new project and helps to set up the communication with (potential) users of the project.

The release schedule is incorrect and needs to be updated.

I can't find the release review documentation for version 0.4.0. Can you provide a pointer?

There is no project plan.

What technology does osee use for persistence? Is there an opportunity to leverage existing technology like EclipseLink here?

All bugs against OSEE, except for one, have been created by project committers. In fact, most bugs were created by a single committer. I reviewed a random sample of the bugs. Almost all of them contain no more than a single comment or two.

The downloads do not conform to the rules laid out for Incubation [6]. This needs to be addressed if the project is to regain the "Incubation-conforming" status.

Is there an OSEE blog?

What conferences/events are OSEE committers presenting at?

[4] [5]

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