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RE: [technology-pmc] STEM proposal

        thanks for the great feedback.  

To address your comment about "initial components", are you thinking that we should list particular components of STEM's architecture, for instance it's component UML models, or specific plugins?  What are you thinking would be considered a "component"?  

To address your comment about "near-term specifics", are you looking for a development plan?  If so, wouldn't that make more sense in the "Tentative Plan" section?

The last paragraph  you refer to, explains that STEM has general features that make it applicable to more than the specific domain of disease modeling.  It was included to clarify the technical aspects (scope?) of STEM that make it more than just a niche project.  This is important because niche projects will have trouble attracting a large enough community to sustain them and from which to recruit committers.  

Looking forward to your reply

Dan Ford
IBM Almaden

"Konstantin Komissarchik" <konstantin.komissarchik@xxxxxxxxxx>

01/06/2009 09:50 PM

"'Technology PMC'" <technology-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "'Mike Milinkovich'" <mike.milinkovich@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "'Bjorn Freeman-Benson'" <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "'Daniel Ford'" <daford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
RE: [technology-pmc] STEM proposal

I'd like to see a better scope section. The scope section's main purpose is
to stake out the functional area that this project will cover in near and
long term, so it should be devoid of statements about specific
functionality. Typically you then have a section about initial components
that talks about the near-term specifics. The last paragraph in the scope
section is also concerning. If "disease modeling" is not the scope, then
that needs further clarification.

- Konstantin

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Mike, Bjorn (cc Daniel, Wayne, and Tech PMC),

We have a proposal for a new project called STEM. It is currently part  
of OHF but Daniel is proposing to take it out of OHF and make it a  
separate Technology sub-project.

Please review and comment. Thanks.

Anne Jacko
Eclipse Foundation

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