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Re: [technology-pmc] Requesting approval for code contributions?

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The Eclipse IP Policy is set by the Board and administered by the Eclipse Legal team (the emo-ip-team@xxxxxxxxxxx email alias). While you directed your email to the Technology PMC, your question can only be answered by the Eclipse Legal team, thus I'm replying here to let you know that you'll have to wait for the Eclipse Legal team to answer your question(s).

- Bjorn (for the PMC)

David Whiteman wrote:

I agree with Abel that it seems like overkill to get PMC approval on all fixes (including simple ones) provided by non-committers.  Has this always been the process in Eclipse?  I would think not given the volume of contributions typically received.  The committer guidelines statement seems more reasonable than the information provided on the IP poster.  Does it make a difference if the non-committers are employees of the same company as the submitting committer?

Actually, in rereading the poster, it does say "all code" at the top.  Does this include any code contributed for any fix/enhancement, even by committers?  Does "under the supervision of the PMC" mean the same thing as having each defect/enhancement individually approved by the PMC?  I can't imagine this doing anything but reducing progress to a slow crawl.


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