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RE: [technology-pmc] Re: EPF: Seeking approval for 2 contributions

FYI - This is actually a topic that is being actively reviewed by the IP
Advisory Committee of the Board. 

I can tell you that mixing GPL and EPL is definitely a serious problem and
would encourage you to seek alternatives.

> Per,
> The Technology PMC approves your filling out the Contribution 
> Questionnaire for these two. I'm a bit concerned about the 
> GPL pieces of software (TinyMCE and html2text), but I'll let 
> Janet say whether it is an issue. I.e., is it ok to encourage 
> users to mix EPL and GPL code? 
> Clearly it is against both the EPL and GPL to distribute a 
> system that includes both EPL and GPL code. But if you just 
> encourage users to use them together? I don't know.

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